Altar Guild

Throughout the history of the Christian Church, there have always been those who have attended to the place of worship, its furnishings, and it appointments...The purpose of the Altar Guild is to serve.

It serves by:

  • making sure that the place of worship is maintained and set up
    for the times and seasons of the Church Year.

  • seeing to it that the paraments and linens are put out, cleaned,
    and stored appropriately.

  • setting in order, cleaning, and putting away the sacramental vessels
    and linens.

  • caring for the vestments of the congregation.

  • making certain that all the preparations are made for each service
    and that whatever needs to be done after the service is taken care of.

  • ordering supplies.

The members of the altar guild, first and foremost, are serving God. 
It is His house.  And they are serving God’s people.
                                                                                                                                     Adapted from The Altar Guild Manual


Zion Altar Guild

Shirley Bailey
Yvette DuVall
Mel Hargens
Rachel Kelsey
Ginger Koehn
Kathy Randall
Karen Ristau
Susan Swanson
Wendy Swanson