Zion Life Team  

The Life Team at Zion is affiliated with the national organization, Lutherans for Life. 

Lutherans For Life is a life-affirming, pro-family ministry--- neither a church body nor a denomination--- but a voluntary organization of “For Life” individuals.

The Mission of Lutherans for Life  Equipping Lutherans to be Gospel-motivated Voices For Life.

The Vision of Lutherans for Life  Every Lutheran congregation upholding the God-given value of human life and influencing society to do the same.

The Mission Statement of Zion Life Team  The Life Team of Zion Lutheran Church, Chamberlain, South Dakota, exists to equip our church as a gospel-driven champion of life. 

 A Life Team is a congregationally-based group. The Life Team becomes part of the congregation’s structure much like a mission’s team or evangelism committee. The goal is to make addressing the life issues a part of the ongoing Gospel ministry of the congregation---and the Life Team would be the “Life-Line” connecting the congregation to Lutherans for Life.

We hope to reach out in a variety of ways:  provide materials and resources to our pastor, congregation, and community; plan special events; bring in special speakers when appropriate; make referrals to sources of help in our community/area if asked. 

There are numerous issues in the Life arena---those that effect us all "from womb to tomb." Each Life Team is tasked with determining, with prayer and Bible study, which of those issues  will serve as its focus.  When our Team went through this process, we identified the following areas that we wish to highlight in our ministry:

  • The sin of abortion on demand
  • Support of families in a world increasingly hostile to Christ
  • Support of the elderly as fellow saints in Christ
  • Support of those affected by the miscarriage of a child

To help keep you informed of our plans, we will use the church newsletter and the bulletin, as well as send a representative to Council meetings.  We also will present information on this website. 

All of us on the team have volunteered to serve in this capacity, and we have taken training to become certified Life Team Members.  The training was not to enable us to do any counseling or professional work, but rather to enable us to know how to reach out to our congregation and our community to help educate and raise awareness of life issues in a Gospel-driven manner.

We welcome anyone who is interested in working with us in this new area of ministry.  The only requisites to serve on the Team are a heart for life issues, a willingness to take the training and become certified, a commitment to attend monthly meetings, and the desire to work as God has given you the time and talents. 

Perhaps you don't have the time to commit to training and attend meetings at this point in your life.  You can serve by becoming  a Life Team Friend.  That simply means you would be willing to help work at events we might sponsor, help with refreshments, etc.  

Zion Life Team, as well as the Lutherans for Life national organization, can be supported by everyone with prayers for God's blessings on this important ministry in the Life arena.

"I came that they may have life and have it abundantly."    John  10:10


Zion Life Team
Lantz Brennan
Ginger Koehn
Russell Lutter
Melissa Rybak
Susan Swanson